Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent Review

coleman elite montana 8 person tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent Review

If you want a spacious and durable tent, then this is your best option. It is an ideal choice for family setup. The design and layout of the tent make it universally used whether for individual travelers, couples, or large families on a vacation. It has added features to make it reliable in extreme weather. You can choose the tent color and design depending on your preferences. You can partition the interior into rooms to the number of people and privacy you need.

There is one common characteristic with people that buy this tent, they are keen on details. Of course, you don’t need a professional to help you set up the tent according to your preferences, but there will be some learning when you set it up for the first time. Once you’ve done it once, you will have an easy time with the setup the second and third time.

The tent has windows on both side and a central door, which is half the length of the tent. Just like in a home, the windows light up and make the tent beautiful. It is also about the exterior design; you can identify the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent from a distance because of the positioning and design of the windows. It is also designed with an adjustable mesh all around the interior to allow air flow; the mesh also enhances the inner beauty during the day.

What we like about the Coleman Elite Montana

The tent is popular because of the following reasons:

Size and comfort

The tent is only suitable if you specify the number of people and what you intend to do while camping. As mentioned, it is universal; both small children and hefty adults can enjoy several days stay in the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent. You can adjust the space for eating and bedding; if you need extra space for storage the walls of the tent have extra fabric for storage. However, you should be keen on the weight of the items you want to store to avoid weakening the tent.

Mattresses and sleeping mats

The Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent can host up to eight people comfortably. This means you can squeeze up to 15 people if there is a need to squeeze. The manufacturer does not state the maximum capacity of the tent because of its versatility. In fact, you have an option of fixing 3 to 4 queen beds in the tent for a more luxurious camp experience. Unpleasant weather is not a worry because this tent gives you an ultimate shelter. It is a home away from home, especially when you are with family.

The best way to use this tent is leaving an open area at the center and spread the mattresses on the edges when the center is clear, you can use it as a dining area or extra place for sleeping if you are more than eight people. The floor area of Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is 16 ft. x 7 ft. This is wider than most tents meaning you can fix mattresses and several sleeping bags to accommodate more people.

If you prefer the queen bed setup, make sure the bed is away from the edges. In an ideal family setup, the parents can use the queen bed and 4 children spread seeping mats on the edges. Even with this setup, the center still has to be left open. Twin air mattresses can also be a good idea to save on space and accommodate more people.

With Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent, you don’t have to sleep on the floor. You can be creative with the sleeping arrangement and use cots instead. Some people shy away from this option because of headroom; however, you can make adjustments to include twin air mattresses or 2 cots. For this setup, make sure the beddings are placed side by side and everyone’s feet points in the middle. The empty space in the middle should be used to store gear.

Standing room

Another interesting feature with Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is the 6’2” standing room. This distinguishes it from all other tents. The center length is favorable; no one has to stoop.

Entry and exit

Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is unlike other tents in its category because of the hinged door. It is fitted with Velcro, which is effective in the daytime when there is regular movement in and out of the tent. Zip is also fitted for the night when you are all settled in. the zip is strong enough that it can sustain the weight without a frame.

What we don’t like about the Coleman Elite Montana

There is barely anything negative about the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent because the manufacturer focused on specific user needs, comfort and functionality. However, the narrowness at the bottom makes it difficult if you have a friend that had too much fun with drinks at the party. One has to make a big step over the raised platform when getting in or out. Also, if anyone is on healing process with a brace on the leg, it will be difficult for them to make the high step, which should be few inches higher. While there is always a way to move in and out despite the narrow and high level on the door, it is inconvenient.

Buyers Guide

If you are part of an active group in camping then this is your best option. It is more fun if you camp with family because you won’t have many issues to do with privacy. Unlike most tents on Amazon, the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent price is relatively low. It is amazing how the manufacturer offers such a price for the quality and style.

coleman elite montana 8 person tent no fly


It is evident that Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent is the best in the market because of its enhanced features. The manufacturer strives to maintain its quality even after several years in the market.

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