10 Best Flagstaff Hikes

If you love hiking, then you know that it is a fun adventure for those of all ages, and Flagstaff, Arizona offers some of the best ranges to enjoy. There are profound gorges, lofty cliffs, and exciting trails with amazing views. This means there is an abundance of diverse land formations to explore here, so get your gear ready to embark one of the most memorable hikes. Here are some of the most favorite flagstaff hikes you need to check out:

  1. Inner Basin Trailflagstaff hikes - inner basin trail

Here you will view the golden aspens, which is halfway through the 4-mile trail. The amazing peaks of San Francisco at the base of the trail makes it the most beautiful Flagstaff hiking destination. Experienced hikers and bikers are fond of this place because it offers some challenging terrains, which are steep and adrenaline-provoking. This place can be reached by using the waterline trail, which is 15.6 miles of jaw-dropping scenes, so do not forget your camera.

  1. Humphreys Trailflagstaff hikes - humphrys trail

To get to Humphrey’s peak, you will follow the trek, which begins at the ski resort, Arizona Snowbowl. Here, you can enjoy the rugged terrains at the open meadows before ducking back into the thick forests of aspen mixed with conifers. As you go higher, you will notice the steeper rocky terrains at the tree line. After about 11,000 feet, you have a chance to either turn; and start down the trail or explore an unforgettable experience at the top of Humphrey’s summit, which is the highest peak in Arizona. Spare enough time to complete the trail, as it may take up to 6 hours of walk in the 10-mile long trail.

  1. Brookbank Trail

Brookbank is popular for all enthusiasts from bikers, horse riders, to hikers, as it has a varying terrain to explore. There are pleasant views of Flagstaff. The surrounding ponderosa pine trees at the old creek canyon serve as a beautiful backdrop, so do not forget to fetch your camera. You are highly likely to spot the local dwellers in the forest including some mule deer, elk, or goshawks.

  1. Red Mountain Trailflagstaff hikes - redmountain trail

Red mountain trail is a 1.5-mile long trail, which does not pose much difficulty. At the foot, you will notice that it was well worth every step you take. It is dog-friendly and generally easy. The area has many rare red rocks near the inactive Cinder cone volcano. You will be walking close to the Coconino National Forest, which will not cease to amaze you with its uneven formations. You will view ancient towers, buttresses, and warm weather, so do not forget your sunscreen lotion.

  1. Sandy Canyon

If you want to explore the rocky side of Flagstaff, sandy canyon is the place to be. It is one of the best Flagstaff hiking trails. Although it is only 3.1 miles of meandering trail, there are classic hot spots such as the pit to help you cut down on the unwanted calories. They are stair cliffs, which need quite some work. Relish the amazing Walnut Canyon Cliffs in the short trail, in the time available. You may also check out the nearby destinations if you have time to spare. They include Fisher point and Marshall Lake.

  1. Flagstaff Road Trail

Flagstaff hiking cannot be complete without going through the 3.9-mile long loop near Boulder, Colorado. It is so popular that it attracts many joggers alongside runners and hikers. The Road Trail has a moderate landscape with scenic views perfect for walkers and runners targeting moderate exercise.

  1. Lava River Cave Trailflagstaff hikes - lava river cave trail

You will only be taking a 0.8-mile walk into one of the most exciting flagstaff hikes. The height of this rocky trail is the famous cave, which was formed from a lava tube. Remember to carry headlamps for the dark interior and good shoes to avoid falling on the slippery cave floor. You will also be comfortable with large bags on this trail, and no need for bringing along your dog.

  1. Mt. Elden Lookout Trail

Mt. Eden Lookout Trail is a relatively easy 4.6 miles of trail. It still remains one of the most crowded in flagstaff thanks to the spectacular views of various highlights. They include Creek Canyon, Cinder hills, Mormon Mountain, Painted Desert, Oak, and the San Francisco Peaks, among many other attractions. If you want to get the most from a trail, this would be the best one to take. You may also opt for the nearby Fat Man’s loop trail especially if you have company like family, as it is manageable.

  1. Kachina Trail

Kachina is home to the most kid-friendly trail popular in the summer. It offers enough room for random activities such as hop, run, or jump in the shady 9.5 miles constituting gently rolling terrains. You can unwind and breathe fresh clean air on the high elevation, as you get lost amidst blooming wildflowers or small waterfalls.

  1. Kendrick Mountain Trail

This is the second highest point, towering at 10,420 feet as the highlight of the 4.5 miles. Hiking in Flagstaff is made unique with this trail, which offers the best view of the Grand Canyon to let you distinguish the North and South Rims clearly.


Hiking in Flagstaff will always be popular because of the expansive open lands to explore and the variety of attractions. You can never have enough of the place because there is a lot to amazing views to capture, wildlife to spot, challenging terrain and more fan for family outings.

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